HTC One delay increases sales pressure

We always knew that the HTC One wouldn’t launch in time and now it has been delayed until the end of March or beginning of April, depending on which country you’re in. This presents a real predicament for the Taiwanese giant, who was pinning all its hopes on the HTC One to provide a much needed turnaround in their sales figures.

HTC OneAccording to an HTC executive, the delay is down to issues with the component suppliers, fluctuating sales forecasts and the shortage of key parts such as the casing and camera. Even though HTC have high hopes for the HTC One, they had apparently failed to inform suppliers that they expected large sales volumes which has lead to the shortage of these components. They further explained that “HTC has had difficulty in acquiring the camera part as it is no longer a tier-one customer”

HTC Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Ho was keen to communicate that HTC were working “tirelessly with channel partners to fulfil as many orders as possible” HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has previously promised to stand down from his role if the HTC One didn’t prove a firm favourite with customers, and provide that much needed sales injection.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Specs We Can Expect

galaxynyc_2509482bExcitement is increasing in the mobile tech arena as we anticipate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s next big flagship device. The handset is due to be unveiled at 11pm tonight in New York.

As you would expect before a big launch there is huge speculation around the features/specs of the new smartphone.

What’s everyone else saying?

The Mirror are claiming that the new S4 has Californian giant Apple very worried, particularly since Apple’s shares are now at an all year low. The Telegraph prematurely insists that, with the Galaxy S4, Samsung has already beaten apple to the punch and “stolen Apple’s crown”.

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Five Fascinating Free-SIMs Facts

When it comes to SIM cards many of us hold a perception of small plastic and metal objects that we need to have in our phone for it to work, and we give them little further thought. Most of us don’t realise how genuinely interesting these apparently mundane objects actually are. Luckily for you this QI style post is about to help you discover the most amazing facts about SIM cards so you can impress your mates the next time your battery dies, and you find yourself swapping SIMs to make a call.

Free SIM Card

Q. How many different SIM card size variants are there?

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four

A. You probably guessed that there are three different sizes of SIM card: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM? If that’s the case, then you are incorrect. There are in fact four size variations of SIM cards. The original SIM card, which was introduced in 1982, was 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm – the same size as a credit card. It wasn’t until 1989 before we got the second incarnation (the Mini SIM) which measures just 23mm x 12mm. It is this Mini SIM which most of us incorrectly think of as the original SIM card.

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iPhone 5 battles Galaxy S3 for Supremacy

With Christmas just around the corner, three of the greatest Smartphone heavyweights of the year prepare to battle it out and see who finally reigns supreme in the Christmas sales frenzy. Even though each of these mobiles has already been sold in the millions, mobile devices are increasingly featuring on Christmas wish lists. With either a Smartphone or tablet being in the top 3 desired gifts for adults, there’ll be a lot at stake to get a slab of the mobile phone contract pie this year.

It has got to be said that big isn’t always necessarily better, and that the 5.5 inch display screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not everyone’s cup of tea.  However, the super AMOLED screen does push the Note 2 into “phablet” territory, which could give it the edge for those who want the functionality of two devices but only one mobile phone contract.  Equally, the iPhone 5 is not quite as premium feel as its previous iterations, having replaced the backing Gorilla glass and steel sides with a lighter but more easily damaged aluminium casing. So in terms of design, they really are chalk and cheese. Although we suspect that Apple will still cling on to that “I want an iPhone” mass appeal, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has already clocked up a massive 5 million sales in as many months. 2 million of the super-size Smartphones were sold in the last month alone. Samsung revealed that it took its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, 5 months to achieve the same number, and they estimate that they will sell 20 million of these devices in the long term.

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iPhone 5 Gallery

The iPhone 5 with its bright 4 inch retina screen. Its thinner, lighter and faster than previous version.

Operating system: iOS 6
Processor: Dual-core 1.2 GHz
Screen: 4 inch (640 x 1136 pixel resolution) LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen
Camera: 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
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How to use the Egnyte iPhone app for your cloud storage needs

mobile apps iphone in actionHave you ever wanted to store, access, amend and share files via your smartphone? Even with today’s technology, having the ability to do all of that with large files might have seemed like a pipe dream, but a new iPhone app from cloud storage firm Egnyte will make that dream reality. Cloud technology is becoming more popular with businesses and non-profit organisations as an alternative to owning a server, but moving files to smaller devices was until now impossible. The new app has plenty of features which are of use to anyone with cloud storage capabilities.

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iPad Mini Review and Features

Following months of speculation, the iPad Mini has now arrived. But does it have the Google Nexus 7 quaking in its casing? Will it put out the flame of the Kindle Fire? The iPad Mini wasn’t Apples best kept secret, with many expecting its arrival this autumn. However, some were a little taken aback by Apples endorsement of a smaller tablet (something they said they would never do). We haven’t had very long to put the iPad Mini through its paces, but here are our initial thoughts.

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iPhone 5 Review – Faulty but still Flying

The long awaited iPhone 5 has arrived at Gizmobird offices set against a social media backcloth of technical angst and fan-boy defences. The purple flare that appears on images, the yellow colour cast on the screen, the easy to scratch back panel, the map fiasco… its Antennagate all over again. There are also cosmetic design issues that Steve Jobs’ would have had teams of staff horse-whipped for causing and the iPhone 5 launch would have been delayed till all was rectified. Issues such as the iPhone 5 screen glass which protrudes above the edge chamfer of the handset and the camera lens which is no longer neatly equidistant from the corner radius of the chassis.

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iPhoney Rumours Competition – And the Winner is…..

iPhone 5 Rumour Competition – Winner Announced!

To celebrate the release of the Apple iPhone 5, GizmoBird offered all our readers the chance to win an iPhone 5 in our iPhoney Rumours Competition. To be in with a chance of winning, we asked you to write a crazy, funny or even factual rumour about the iPhone 5 or iPad.

Over 400 of you clever clogs entered, and as you can imagine we had a huge number of fantastic entries to read through. (We’ve certainly been laughing our socks off in the GizmoBird offices)

But, there could only ever be one winner, and that is LUKE STILL from Dorchester, with his brilliant entry “iPhone 5 with ‘OmniSiri’ brings Apple into the Artificial Intelligence market” Check it out below!

We’d like to offer HUGE congratulations to Luke, and a massive thank you to all of you who took the time to enter this competition and make it so much fun. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We’ll be running a new competition very soon called “Review my mobile”. So make sure you check back here shortly for more details on how to enter! Better still – sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll send the details directly to you.

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iPhone 5 price: Deals and contracts at your fingertips

Which network has the best deals?

If you’re thinking of getting hold of an iPhone 5, but don’t know who’s got the best iPhone 5 price or deal, then join the queue!

With more than 5 million iPhone 5’s being sold so far, it’s hardly surprising that there a huge number of iPhone 5 deals and offers have flooded the market. Don’t worry – you’re in the right place. Since our review of the iPhone 5 we’ve sifted through the latest iPhone contracts to bring you the definitive guide to all the iPhone 5 price and deal info you’ll ever need.

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