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Apple iPhone 4S Review

Ah the iPhone 4S, Cupertino’s half-baked, half-arsed, half-way house to a proper next gen iPhone, or a genuine evolution of the world’s most iconic smartphone? Meh, bit of both we reckon. The 4S comes to the game with sexy new cloths, a faster processor, better imaging and a few new tricks up its bespoke port. That is just enough to make us want an upgrade. The new Dual-core processor from the iPad2 is in there, you get a front facing camera for Facetime and 1080p full HD video recording from the new 8MP front cam. But do you opt for a 4S now and tie yourself up with an 18 or 24 month contract when the iPhone 5 will almost certainly be available late summer or early autumn? Tricky. Continue reading

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