Latest iPad 3 rumours indicate a March release

The rumour pot is bubbling again with talk of the iPad 3 that could arriving as early as 7th March.

Latest iPad 3 rumours indicate a March release
Latest iPad 3 rumours indicate a March release

The other rumour that we’ve heard consistently from several reliable industry sources (and reported sightings of leaked parts) is that it will be a similar design to the iPad 2, but the mooted 9.7 inch display will have 2048×1536 resolution retina screen. There’s long been talk of it coming with a quad-core processor, which will be used to power the A6 unit. There’s also talk of a possible 4G LTE version, however we reckon a 4G iPad 3 maybe a bit of a misnomer, given that it’s only in early testing stages in the UK and elsewhere. We can’t really see Apple producing different versions for specific regions. It’s also really power-hungry, so even though Apple are rumoured to be extending the battery life, this would be soaked up by the A6 processor.

Given that the iPad 2 has been out for nearly a year now, it would be in typical Apple fashion to make an announcement in March to coincide with the release of iOS 5.1. A Digitimes report stated that 2 million panels for the iPad 3 were already being shipped in November 2011, and rumours persist that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn had already kicked off the production process in January. Expectations are that up to 10 million iPad 3’s could be produced in Q1 2012.

But will it actually be called the iPad 3? A Chinese iPad case maker has started selling a cover for an iPad 2S. Now manufacturers don’t usually tend to be far wrong, and this could fall in line with the latest iPhone naming convention.

iPad 3 banned in China

Whatever they decide to name it, Apple would appear to have greater worries on their shoulders at the moment, as they’re involved in an on-going trademark dispute in China. Display vendor Proview confirmed that they’d filed an iPad ban request with China’s customs office. Proview purchased the brand name rights in several countries in 2000, 6 years before Apple filed for the trademark. They later sold some international rights to Apple, but claim to still own the iPad brand in China. Proview’s lawyer, Xie Xianghui said they had prepared requests to block imports and exports, which could effectively halt sales of the iPad in China. If successful, this would pose a serious threat to global sales as China is a huge market for Apple. It would also affect the launch of the iPad 3 next month. Possibly the best way to resolve this would be by way of an out of court settlement. However, Proview are reportedly asking for £10 billion in compensation for the infringement. Now that’s no small change, even for Apple!

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