“The New iPad” high res retina display and a quad core graphics chip

Apple The new iPad 3rd generationannounced the 3rd generation iPad yesterday evening, they kept everyone on the edge of their seat for and hour and a half but haven’t give the device a name other than ‘The new iPad’.
As was expected the major new innovation is an incredible high resolution ‘retina’ 2048×1536 pixel retina display. The screen size remains the same but the resolution is more than a full HD screen (1920×1080 pixels). With that much graphic data to move around the screen a beefy chip is need to do the A5X quad core graphics processing, this comes in the form of the A5X chip with quad core graphics processing. The actual main processor remains a dual core. Despite the extra graphics horsepower Apple claim that the battery life will remain at the very impressive 10 hour mark.

The iSight camera has been updated to a 5Mp version with improved optics and 1080p recording capability. The 1080p record seems to be more a technical novelty, the iPad is hardly a good device to point and shoot video with! The camera also features a backside illumination sensor, auto focus and exposure, and face detection.

isight-5-lensWhat is nice is that a mobile device manufacture has taken on board a simple fact – mega pixels are not the be all and end all of photography! The lens is more important. However the lens is still tiny, it kind of makes up for it with a very clever 5 element lens with f2.4 aperture – given the results of the iPhone 4S camera this one should shoot some very nice photos (it will never replace a good DSLR though!)

Also introduced is dictation, which looks to be a derivative of Siri allowing you to talk to your tablet rather than type.

The final major tech revision is 4G LTE which should allow for some nippy data transfer. The iPad can also server as a wireless hotspot for upto 5 devices via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB (should your carrier support this).

Yesterday also saw the release of iOS 5.1 update (although my trusty old 3GS seems to refuse to connect to the update server). Also introduced is iPhoto for iPad and a set of updates to Garage Band and iMovie.

The new iPad will be available 16th March in US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Everyone else will need to wait a bit longer. Prices look to remain the same as they are now for the iPad 2, however the iPad 2 will see a price drop.

AppleTV 3The other interesting announcement was Apple TV 3 now sporting a new interface and 1080p support (finally!). Movies will become available in 1080p for purchase in iTunes. You’ll be able to stream netflix, YouTube and Vimeo videos. As per the old model it will allow you to stream video and audio to your TV using AirPlay off your iDevice. Your other iDevice(s) can also be used as a remote control with the remote app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Apple TV 3 will also be available on the 16th March.

Both the AppleTV and the new iPad are now available for pre-order in the Apple Store

[UPDATE] You can now watch a full video of the event on Apple’s site here

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