AM Eazycare Tablet Screen Cleaner

The results were amazing. Despite my initial misgivings I can only say that the AM Tablet Screen Cleaner is excellent.

I have a natural anglophile aversion to any word that appears in print with a rogue ‘z’ where should actually be an ‘s’. So the AM Eazycare Tablet Screen Cleaner got off to a pretty bad start, politically speaking. Opening the pack and I can’t say my levels of functional confidence were elevated either, seeing what is clearly a design-lead product available in four different colours. For within the black and blue blister box packaging is what looks just like a bottle of trendy perfume complete with designer recessed spray top finished in bling chrome. The electric blue bottle looks swish enough, even if the overall effect is more Blue Stratos than Chanel Number 5.

Stranger still, the entire back of the bottles is a 5mm deep slab of dense neoprene foam topped with a fine weave cotton cloth. The idea is that you keep this stylish looking bottle to hand and every time your glass-faced tablet is looking a bit grubby, you give it a squirt or two of the perfume and buff it to its shiny best with the neoprene sponge. The sponge is solid enough to remove stubborn marks, a dried Coca-Cola blob stain in this test, yet apparently soft and absorbent enough to buff the screen to a clear mirror finish. I remained sceptical that any sponge could remove smears effectively.

Spraying a couple of squirts on my wrists and dabbing it behind my ears, one could immediately pick up on the subtle fragrance of highly volatile alcohol. The fluid evaporates very quickly meaning speedy application and buffing will be required. Of note there are number of warnings on the pack and the bottle itself not to use the fluid on LCD TVs or lap-top screens, presumably as the alcohol could damage plastic screens.

The iPad 3 for this test was already pretty greasy from a week’s surfing and we added some blobs of Coke and a smear of peanut butter. While peanut butter offers cleaning equipment testers a good mix of oils and proteins, the main reason for its use was that I had a peanut butter sandwich on the go and it seemed like a good idea at the time. For good measure I left the iPad powered up in the mild spring sunshine to bake on the goodness.

Unlike AM’s Pillow 4:3 cleaner, the Tablet Screen Cleaner is much easier to use given that you can see which way round the spray top is pointing and there is far less likelihood of an eyeful of alcohol cleaner. Given two quick blasts I set to work on the iPad screen and had fair results before the screen dried. There were still smears and some peanut residue but, to be fair, that was a pretty hard-core test. Another couple of squirts and I went about the screen again using the tapering top section of the neoprene pad to clean into the recessed main button.

The results were amazing. Despite my initial misgivings I can only say that the AM Tablet Screen Cleaner is excellent. With just two passes it brought the old ‘pad up to its buffed best and for normal day-to-day grease it would do so in a single spray and wipe. It is a pain that you can’t actually tell how much fluid is left in the bottle but a quick shake will probably identify when it is near the end.

For all the screen cleaning gadgets that have passed my way over the years this is definitely one that will sit on my desktop looking its perfume-bottle best and getting regular use. All it needs now is an avant-garde TV advert featuring a sailor, a lion and a model wearing a chiffon dress and it could be the next Christmas gift of choice.

AM cleaners are available on eBay.

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