Apple Brand Bullies Set Tough Rules for iPhone 5

brand bulliesIt would seem that Apple have set some hard and fast rules for our mobile phone providers with regard to iPhone 5. Each mobile provider must now have an identical web page on each of their respective websites to represent Apple’s new iPhone 5.

Currently all UK mobile phone networks are rushing get their new iPhone pages live. O2 went first with their page and then Vodafone soon followed suit with their iPhone 5 page. T-mobile’s iPhone web page is under construction and no doubt Orange and Three and in a blind panic to get theirs live before iPhone 5 pre-orders go live tomorrow.

We expect that the only reason all the only networks are bending over backwards for Apple is because if they don’t then they won’t get a generous stock allocation of precious new iPhones to feed the expected iPhone frenzy which is due to begin tomorrow morning a 8am once the mobile networks are allowed to start selling Apple’s precious devices.

It all seems a bit over the top to expect all of the UK’s mobile phone providers to bend over backwards at the last minute to please Apple. I guess it’s just a reflection of Apples power as the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer.

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