iPhone 5 price: Deals and contracts at your fingertips

Which network has the best deals?

If you’re thinking of getting hold of an iPhone 5, but don’t know who’s got the best iPhone 5 price or deal, then join the queue!

With more than 5 million iPhone 5’s being sold so far, it’s hardly surprising that there a huge number of iPhone 5 deals and offers have flooded the market. Don’t worry – you’re in the right place. Since our review of the iPhone 5 we’ve sifted through the latest iPhone contracts to bring you the definitive guide to all the iPhone 5 price and deal info you’ll ever need.

Before we look at deals and contracts, it’s worth bearing in mind that by far the cheapest way of owning an iPhone 5 is to buy it outright. Apple will sell you an unlocked handset direct, and then you can go with the network of your choice. A 16GB version will set you back £529, the 32GB is £599 and the 64GB version costs £699. All major network providers offer iPhone SIM only deals, usually starting at around £12 depending on the number of texts, calls and data you require. Remember, that the iPhone 5 will require a new nanoSIM to work. As you’re probably aware all versions are available in both black and white.

iPhone 5 contract deals – 24 months

The lowest monthly charge we’ve found so far has been with O2, who are offering the 16GB iPhone 5 with at £26 for unlimited calls and texts, under the On & On tariff, and an ample 1GB of data. Mind you there is a £249.99 cost up front. Total cost over the 2 year contract is £873.99.

O2 has the cheapest monthly charge for a 16GB iPhone 5 at £26 for unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of internet data, plus £249.99 upfront. Over the two-year contract this has a total cost of £873.99. Obviously the handset cost increases for the larger memory phones, to £299.99 for 32GB and £399.99 for the 64GB version, which works out at £923.99 and £1023.99.

Orange has an aptly named “The Works” tariffwhich offers you unlimited calls and texts, plus 1GB of mobile data for £36 a month, £41 a month for 2GB, £46 for 3GB and unlimited mobile internet for £51.

Great design in an improved package

Orange gives you the choice of two 24 month contracts with a free 16GB handset. The cheapest is £46 a month but you do get unlimited texts, calls and a whopping 3GB of data. This adds up to £1104 over 2 years but if you go for the £51 a month unlimited data access version, this rises to £1224. On the £36 contract the 16GB handset costs £109.99, totalling £973.99 over two years. The 32GB handset costs £219.99 or £1,083.99 in total, while the 64GB handset is £269.99 upfront for a total of £1,133.99.

Three include “All you can eat” data which comes with their Internet 500 contract along with 500 any network mins and 5000 texts. This will set you back £34 a month but only a £79 payment upfront for the 16GB version. Bank on paying £895 over the 2 years. For a 32GB version you’ll pay £79 for the phone then £37 a month, totalling £977.The 64GB iPhone 5 is £109 then £40 a month thereafter totalling £1069.

The Full Monty plan from T-Mobile offers you unlimited texts and internet and 2000 mins, for £36 a month plus £109 for 16GB, £219 for 32GB and £269 for 64GB. If you want unlimited calls you will pay £41, £46, or £61 a month respectively depending on the memory size you go for.


There’s only one contract that we’re aware of that’s less than 24 months long is with Vodafone. They have a range of 12 month plans starting at £36 a month, giving you 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MB if mobile data. Of course the handset cost is higher at £349 for a £16GB version, £419 for the 32GB, and £499 for the 64GB iPhone 5.

Hefty up front for some, but could be a good half way house for those who can’t afford the full cost of the iPhone 5 outright. If the costs are putting you off why not enter our competition for a chance to win an iPhone 5?


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