How to use the Egnyte iPhone app for your cloud storage needs

mobile apps iphone in actionHave you ever wanted to store, access, amend and share files via your smartphone? Even with today’s technology, having the ability to do all of that with large files might have seemed like a pipe dream, but a new iPhone app from cloud storage firm Egnyte will make that dream reality. Cloud technology is becoming more popular with businesses and non-profit organisations as an alternative to owning a server, but moving files to smaller devices was until now impossible. The new app has plenty of features which are of use to anyone with cloud storage capabilities.


Perhaps its outstanding feature is its secure login, something that will reassure anyone who has doubts over the security of cloud computing. It also syncs any file straight to the cloud storage server, which means any file stored via the app can be accessed via a PC, laptop, a tablet or even through another iPhone. This versatility alone makes this app worth considering, but there are other interesting features that make it useful.

You can upload any Microsoft Office file and share it with anyone who has access to same account with Egnyte, something that makes using a sophisticated cloud storage service every bit as functional as it would be when using a more traditional device. The app is easy to use, as you can upload any file that’s already stored in the cloud by visiting the specified page, while sharing and even making files available for offline access is just as simple. However, to access all those features and more, you have to sign in or register if you don’t have an Egnyte account.

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