iPhone 5 battles Galaxy S3 for Supremacy

With Christmas just around the corner, three of the greatest Smartphone heavyweights of the year prepare to battle it out and see who finally reigns supreme in the Christmas sales frenzy. Even though each of these mobiles has already been sold in the millions, mobile devices are increasingly featuring on Christmas wish lists. With either a Smartphone or tablet being in the top 3 desired gifts for adults, there’ll be a lot at stake to get a slab of the mobile phone contract pie this year.

It has got to be said that big isn’t always necessarily better, and that the 5.5 inch display screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not everyone’s cup of tea.  However, the super AMOLED screen does push the Note 2 into “phablet” territory, which could give it the edge for those who want the functionality of two devices but only one mobile phone contract.  Equally, the iPhone 5 is not quite as premium feel as its previous iterations, having replaced the backing Gorilla glass and steel sides with a lighter but more easily damaged aluminium casing. So in terms of design, they really are chalk and cheese. Although we suspect that Apple will still cling on to that “I want an iPhone” mass appeal, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has already clocked up a massive 5 million sales in as many months. 2 million of the super-size Smartphones were sold in the last month alone. Samsung revealed that it took its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, 5 months to achieve the same number, and they estimate that they will sell 20 million of these devices in the long term.

Samsung top Apple sales in Q3

Samsung Galaxy S3 main shot

In the meantime the Samsung Galaxy S3 has also been a runaway success. Compared to the iPhone 5, the larger 4.8 inch screen takes a little while to get used to. But once you do there’s no going back, and no denying that it greatly improves the internet user experience. Samsung for or the first time have surpassed Apples iPhone sales by selling 18 million units in Q3, just narrowly beating Apple’s 16.2 million sales to claim the title of best-selling Smartphone worldwide. Analysts comment that the reason Samsung out performed Apple against the iPhone 4 and 4S was because so many customers were holding out for the launch of the iPhone 5. According to Gartner, Samsung sold 55 million Smartphones in Q3, 10 million more units than they sold in Q2. Apple sold 23.6 million iPhones during the same period.

iPhone vs Galaxy Mobile Phone Contracts War

However iPhone 5 sales have already kicked off to a good start and projections are that Apples numbers could soar to over 49 million during the holiday period. So will Apple be re-crowned as the Smartphone King this Christmas? Only time will tell, but one things for sure the mobile phone contract business is a very lucrative one, and so far only Samsung look like a real contender.



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