Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Specs We Can Expect

galaxynyc_2509482bExcitement is increasing in the mobile tech arena as we anticipate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s next big flagship device. The handset is due to be unveiled at 11pm tonight in New York.

As you would expect before a big launch there is huge speculation around the features/specs of the new smartphone.

What’s everyone else saying?

The Mirror are claiming that the new S4 has Californian giant Apple very worried, particularly since Apple’s shares are now at an all year low. The Telegraph prematurely insists that, with the Galaxy S4, Samsung has already beaten apple to the punch and “stolen Apple’s crown”.

With all this hype it’s easy to get excited but let’s not forget what happened prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S. There was so many rumours and outlandish speculation in the media that fans generally felt quite disappointed when the device was in fact showcased for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumoured Specs

Let’s take a realistic look at the rumours that are in circulation and explore which of them are potentially feasible.

Samsung wallet

Samsung’s Wallet was showcased at the Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Wallet app is the equivalent of Apple’s Passbook. An interface for NFC (Near Field Communication), this app allows for easy payment where ever there is an NFC terminal while maintaining user account information. It is quite likely that the Galaxy S4 will come with this app preinstalled but, even if it doesn’t, we expect the app to be accessible to download soon for all NFC capable Samsung products including the Galaxy S3.

8 Core processor

A leak has revealed that the Galaxy S4 will have a quad core processor with multi-threading technology. This would basically mean that the Galaxy S4 would have 4 cores each made of two virtual cores, totaling eight processing ‘brains’.

This rumor could go either way really. Logically, there will be no benefit in having all that extra processing power in a handheld device. There has to come a point soon where Samsung stop making their phones more powerful every time they release a flagship handset. What is the point of having a mobile phone that is as powerful as a gaming PC when you can’t play PC games?

However, for many of us mobile phone processing power has become an egotistical notch that we like to have in our belts. We derive a sense satisfaction from the knowledge that our phone has more power (that we will never be able to use) than the next guys phone. It’s kind of like owning a Bugatti Veyron and living in central London. People do it and many of those who don’t wish they could. This might be enough of a reason for Samsung to make this super processor a feature of the Galaxy S4.

5 Inch Screen

A bigger 5 inch screen would make the Galaxy S4 a Phablet. A daring move that would almost certainly have a negative impact on the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 (5.5 inch). Secondly, Phablets are a Marmite phenomenon; you either love them or think they make you look like Dom Jolly. Do Samsung really want cut off their nose to spite their face? It seems unlikely, yet the evidence that spurred this rumour was the leaked mobile phone cases by accessory maker It’s a tough one but it seems more likely that the cases were faked as part of a publicity stunt by

Eye tracking Software

The rumoured software will intelligently know whether the phone is being viewed at any given time and will use this information to keep the screen on during such times. It will also allegedly know where on the screen we are looking and auto scroll the page for us. This rumour has evolved from an over active imagination combining the (still glitchy) features of Samsung Smart TV’s with the ear detection feature of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is quite likey that the phone will have retina detection which enables it to allow users to read for prolonged periods without the screen going off but it is not realistic for the feature to be so intuitive that it auto scrolls.




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  1. While Android phones have surged in popularity and even outnumber the number of iPhones being sold, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S name – amongst the Droid This or Droid That on shelves – that many now recognize. Like its Galaxy S3 predecessor, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is going to be the phone to take on the iPhone (and the next iPhone) and the other current top Android phone – the HTC One .

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