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Ric Stevenson has been writing about electronic gadgets since the ZX Spectrum was the most powerful thing you could hold in one hand. In a seven year stint at the Daily Mail he didn’t manage to tap anyone’s phone but did edit the 3-million circulation ‘Switched On’ supplement in the Mail on Sunday. Richard is now a consultant to several high-tech AV brands and uses his spare time writing for magazines, trade journals and blogs – anyone who will fund his ongoing gadget addiction in fact.

iPhone 5 Review – Faulty but still Flying

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The long awaited iPhone 5 has arrived at Gizmobird offices set against a social media backcloth of technical angst and fan-boy defences. The purple flare that appears on images, the yellow colour cast on the screen, the easy to scratch … Continue reading

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AM Eazycare Tablet Screen Cleaner

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The results were amazing. Despite my initial misgivings I can only say that the AM Tablet Screen Cleaner is excellent.

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AM Pillow 4:3 Phone & Tablet Cleaner

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Phones and tablet devices definitely need cleaning on a regular basis. All that touch screen tactile caressing means the finger detritus of modern life will get all over your screen before you can surf eBay for a polishing cloth. Skin … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review

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The curvaceous new BlackBerry 9320 comes to the party with good old fashioned hard keys, a QWERTY keyboard and a positively bijou form factor when compared to some of the big screen flagship smart phones. But does it impress enough … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

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Blimey, seems like only just months ago I was manhandling a Samsung Galaxy S2 into submission and wondering if I had a pocket big enough to fit it in. While Cupertino continues to delay the big ‘5’, suddenly out comes … Continue reading

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HTC One X Review

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HTC is trying very hard. It’s not Apple or Nokia or Blackberry or even Samsung in terms of brand kudos but the One X has been designed to address that. You see, if we are honest, HTC has been lagging … Continue reading

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Vodafone Sure Signal Review

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Oh how I laughed when I fell clean out of my home office window. Thankfully it is on the ground floor. Well I would have laughed had I not been laying grazed and battered on the gravel drive, whilst trying … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review

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If smart phones were clothes then all Blackberry’s up to the Bold 9900 have been grey business suits. They have had a traditional business-like cut, stay-pressed creases for nights away in overseas hotels and a fine pinstripe on the top … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 4S Review

Ah the iPhone 4S, Cupertino’s half-baked, half-arsed, half-way house to a proper next gen iPhone, or a genuine evolution of the world’s most iconic smartphone? Meh, bit of both we reckon. The 4S comes to the game with sexy new cloths, a faster processor, better imaging and a few new tricks up its bespoke port. That is just enough to make us want an upgrade. The new Dual-core processor from the iPad2 is in there, you get a front facing camera for Facetime and 1080p full HD video recording from the new 8MP front cam. But do you opt for a 4S now and tie yourself up with an 18 or 24 month contract when the iPhone 5 will almost certainly be available late summer or early autumn? Tricky. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

“I’m on the phone. I’M ON THE PHONE!” as Dom Jolly once shouted into a giant comedy mobile phone. Now you too can recreate this iconic comedy moment with the enormous Samsung Galaxy S2. Spanning the acres like a glass-topped football pitch, it is markedly larger than pretty much any other smartphone on the market. In fact here at Gizmobird we think this oversize Android device will open up a whole new category of personal electronic gadgetry. Imagine a phone that is too big to go in your shirt pocket or a tablet with a screen just too small to be useful and what you have is an Ear Tablet. Welcome then the Galaxy S2 Ear Tablet. Continue reading

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